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who are we ?

Working Together

who are we ?

A commercial and legal consulting team specializing in everything that customers around the world need to start their commercial activity from supplying the goods necessary to launch in the business world and following up all procedures from choosing the appropriate product, price and supplier to packaging and shipping to the country of destination

Professional team

The professional team that will take over the tasks is a team that has been carefully selected to reach the best results in short periods of time

Creative outlook

The creative touch and outlook in each of the ideas, propositions and products is what makes your business distinct from others and therefore we strive to think together to obtain creative ideas that increase your chances in the market

Quality standards

We provide our services and products that our customers aspire to obtain according to high quality standards commensurate with global and local standards for each country and also compatible with our customers' vision of the level of quality they seek.

Our experience

Our team has long experience in the field of general trade and tourism around the world and seeks to provide its expertise and services to its clients who are looking for credibility and continuity in work.

Recommendations from our clients

Mr. Mohammed Al-Hazwan, a wholesaler

I have always been suffering when importing goods from China and Turkey to Libya because of the difference in quality every time I order it, but after seeking the expertise of the genie team, this trouble has become from the past and I now turn to other things

Mr. Mohamed Hawari, wholesaler

It was a great experience when the Al-Marid team received me from Istanbul Airport and they took us on a tour tour for me and my family, and then I went with their team to sign some contracts with clothing factories in Turkey. Greetings to you.

Mr. Fathy Taha, an investor

Someone advised me to seek the help of the Al-Mared Group team to follow up an order that I had previously submitted to a factory in Turkey and I was hesitant about it, but after they took over the task, they were able to follow all steps of production, shipping and packaging until the goods arrived in Tunisia

Mr. Hani Hammash, retailer

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